Jan. 14th, 2018

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Yes, it's that time of year again: a little late, but it's the musical year in review for 2017. There was a handful of really good stuff this year, and a few albums that I was really excited about! This year, I made some changes: I've added a relative and subjective rating system, from one to five stars. A one star album is not, necessarily, bad (unless I say it is...) -- think of it, really, as how much I am excited about listening to something, so one star just might mean that I haven't really found a place for it in my regular listening habits. The more stars, the more I think other people will want to listen to it too; to that end, this year, I had only one five-star album, but that means that yinz had better go and listen to it!

Got it? Okay, well, let's get started! This year, I bought 18 albums, saw 5 live shows, and recommended another additional 18 pieces of "extra credit", and here they are:

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So that was 2017. What did I miss?

(Previously, 2016; previously, 2015.)

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