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I don't usually write about current events -- here, or anywhere else, really -- because, for better or for worse, they don't usually reflect my own lived experience, and anyway, someone else probably has done a better job writing about them than I have. There is an argument that, in this time as I make preparations to make havdalah [the closing prayers, service, and meditation for Shabbat] -- something I do approximately once every never at home -- that I should not be writing about this subject at all yet, but the peace of the Rest Day has already been shattered by eleven deaths in Pittsburgh earlier today, and surely my koteb ["writing"; a prohibited activity on Shabbat] shall not breach it any more than it already has been. And I'll give myself a pass on the other front, too: as I expected today's news to pass through me, I found this afternoon that I could not tear myself away from news and Twitter and messengers, hoping in some way to make sense from something that doesn't. And so I write.

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Oct. 12th, 2018 10:51 pm


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This post has been a long time in the works. I've had it on my disk for five or so months, and I never really got it into a state where I liked it enough to post. Oddly enough, five months ago, when I wrote the first draft of this, #DeleteFacebook was trending, and I originally wrote:

"I had been planning another post for a while, with the thesis being an answer to the question: if we #DeleteFacebook, then what? I have been meaning to sit down and write that for a while, but I either haven't had the time to do it or I just didn't want to. It might not be coincidence that this post feels more pressing and urgent at this second at my fingertips; the two are inextricably linked in my head. (T.C. Sottek's piece from 2016 in The Verge, offers a different perspective on this.)"

I didn't "#DeleteFacebook" then, and I haven't now, but when Facebook was compromised and logged me out a few weeks ago, I never bothered to log back in. I was having a rough time around then, and the escapist urges to disconnect ran high.

I've dug this out because it seems apropos for this hashtag-holiday that's trending this week. As much as I above describe a coherent structure for a post that I wanted to write at some point, this post continues in the recent trend of having no such; instead, I offer, perhaps, a collection of vignettes on mental health -- in general, and mine in specific.

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